CORRIGAN & MORRIS LLP specializes in complex business and securities litigation and SEC enforcement actions. Our attorneys have large firm experience and training, but afford clients the efficiency and responsiveness of a small firm. We have represented and counseled clients in various types of business disputes, including matters involving securities, license agreements, intellectual property, Chapter 11 reorganizations and real estate.

Corrigan & Morris LLP is committed to providing its clients with high quality, efficient and responsive legal services with the utmost integrity. Our job is to help our clients succeed and we measure our success by theirs. Experienced partners do the legal work, not just manage legal work done by others. Our commitment to excellence is equal to the largest and most renowned firms, without the unnecessary costs.

While we typically charge hourly fees, however our flexibility allows us to consider alternative fee arrangements, including full or partial contingent fees, flat fees and stock-based fees. The firm has a strong commitment to bringing cost-effective solutions to client matters, from the most straight-forward to the most complex.




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